At the moment, the demand for IT professionals on the market far exceeds their actual presence. This is especially true for Senior and StrongMiddle developers. This directly affects the definition of methods for finding the required specialist and methods of contact with him.

In most cases, the work of a recruiter in the IT field can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Formation of a recruiting funnel.
  2. Active methods of reaching potential candidates.
  3. Initial screening.
  4. Coordination of technical and main interviews.
  5. Organization of feedback for applicants.
  6. Filling the base of potential applicants.

Taking into account that the recruiting process in IT is a rather laborious task that takes a lot of time, more and more IT companies, even with full-time HR, turn to recruitment agencies to outsource this task. Especially if the request for developers appears from time to time and there is no need to hire a recruiter on the staff. At the same time, full-time HR is not distracted from their standard tasks, which increases its efficiency.

At the same time, when working with different IT companies, there are peculiarities of cooperation with a recruiting agency.

Product IT companies

The peculiarity of these companies is that they develop their own software product. For developers, such companies are of higher priority. Since we are working on a specific product, its development, and improvement. And this is an extremely long-term perspective. Plus, the developer himself can directly influence him, which increases the value of his work.

The specifics of the selection of developers in such companies:

  1. The recruiter’s understanding of the product and the ability to involve the candidate in the idea.
  2. The clearest job description.
  3. Opportunity to consider developers of their related areas.
  4. Priority of product companies for employment among developers.
  5. The fastest possible feedback from the customer.

Outsourcing IT companies

Such companies do work for other firms, mostly foreign ones. There may be many projects in operation for different customers from all over the world, but employees actually work in the same office, breaking up into teams for different tasks.

The specifics of the selection of developers in such companies:

  1. The a constant need for developers of different levels.
  2. A large number of identical vacancies.
  3. Lots of technologies.
  4. The need for a recruiter to work as quickly as possible or connect several to work.
  5. Feedback from the management of the company.


Out staff IT companies

This format of work implies the actual leasing of the development team, when the team leader, and sometimes the entire team, works in the territory (or in the country) of the customer.

The specifics of the selection of developers in such companies:

  1. Direct communication with the customer.
  2. Working conditions vary depending on the customer.
  3. In fact, the developer’s watch is being sold.
  4. Wide opportunities for the choice of technologies and projects.

At the same time, for successful work in the IT field, a recruiter must have the following competencies:

  1. Understanding the specifics of the IT market.
  2. Knowledge of IT “slang” in order to calmly talk with developers.
  3. Knowledge of the history of the formation of the customer’s IT company.
  4. Understanding the IT job grid.
  5. Use up-to-date recruiting methods.
  6. Understand the corporate values ​​of the client company.
  7. To be able to “sell” a company to a developer.
  8. Knowledge of English at an intermediate level.

All these qualities are possessed by employees of our recruiting agency. Therefore, we will be able to find a developer for you as professionally as possible. For more information, you can leave a request here.